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Helen Yandell Photography

Welcome, I am Helen Yandell and I own Helen Yandell Photography. I specialise in Personal Branding, Lifestyle Headshots, and Interiors. 

I have over 20 years experience in photography and photographing people, and as a business owner and entrepreneur myself, I know the challenges that you face and the plates you are juggling to follow your passion. 


I really love helping people and have a mountain of free advice I have amassed along the way which I am so happy to share with you, as I want to make a difference and help people be visible in their businesses. 

We start with an initial coffee and chat either virtual or in person if you're local, and find out your challenges and struggles and how I can help you. You may need to gain more time back, and want a bank of on brand images to dip into, you may want to have a stronger visible presence on social media or just help with some lifestyle shots for a website or brochure. 

I offer a free 30-minute chat to see how I can help; we look at your existing imagery and see how it is serving you. 

It all starts with a chat,  

Follow me on social media via Facebook or Linkedin to see more of my work and how I can help you in your business.

Want to book a coffee and Chat? 

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