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Moonstone Support Services


Moonstone is a not for profit organisation supporting and enabling people with mental health and wellness.  

We offer Companionship, Home Assist Services as well as Befriending and Independent Advocacy.  We also organise events and activities to help communities come together, promote mobility and prevent isolation and loneliness.

We have events in Studley and Droitwich this month to help people with budgeting skills and money management.

Droitwich Events in April include 'Strictly Memories' which is an intergenerational event bringing communities together. Both older and younger generations will be invited to enjoy, through music and dance:

Dance demonstrations, music spanning 70 years, refreshments, memory boxes and goodie bags, and we will be opening this to local community groups, individuals and nursing/care homes on an invitation basis!

The other two events will be taking place in August and November.  We have donations from Webbs Garden Centre so far to help with this event and will be using local young talent to provide music and photography.  


Stress Management workshops and programmes for business as well as individuals


Home Assist


Text and call Befriending

Anyone who is interested in learning more about these events or of any of our services, and wanting to register, should contact


07401 219122

Visit our website at:

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Worcestershire, UK

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