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ONSIDE Advocacy


We currently work across Worcestershire & Herefordshire, providing a wide range of support services to ensure fairness and equality for all members of our community who may be vulnerable, disadvantaged or discriminated against.


What services we provide:

ActOnIt - Children’s Team

ActOnIt is designed to provide children and young people with the skills and techniques to better manage their own emotional wellbeing and improve their confidence and self-esteem.


Advocacy Services

Advocacy is a way of supporting people to ensure they have their voice heard and their views and wishes are listened to. ONSIDE provide skilled and trained advocates to offer practical and proactive guidance and support.


Appropriate Adult

ONSIDE Appropriate Adult Service supports vulnerable adults when they have been detained by the police for interview. People with mental ill health and/or learning disabilities may be particularly vulnerable to the distress and pressures caused by the experience of arrest and police detention.


Building Better Opportunities (BBO)

Building Better Opportunities (BBO) is designed to help local people move closer to or into employment, improve lives and secure the future prosperity of Worcestershire.


Community Mental Health Transformation

ONSIDE is delighted to be supporting the transformation of community mental health services in Worcestershire and Herefordshire, aimed at making mental health services more local, accessible and responsive. In collaboration with Worcestershire Association of Carers, Springfield MIND and Herefordshire MIND we provide a range of support designed to address the wider social and practical needs of people living with mental ill health.


Lifestyle & Weight loss Services

ONSIDE provide two main options for Lifestyle Advice and Weight loss Support depending on an individuals needs.



A cognitive therapy based peer support programme Moodmaster provides a range of simple tools and techniques to help people manage life's emotional ups and downs more effectively, cope better with everyday stresses and worries and improve their overall quality of life.


PLUS - People Like Us

People Like Us (PLUS) is a service that works across Worcestershire to support anyone aged 18 upwards who is experiencing loneliness or isolation. PLUS enables people to connect with a trained PLUS volunteer who will give one to one support and encouragement in order for them to feel happier and become more active and engaged in their communities. 


Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing aims to support individuals to take greater control of their health and feel more empowered to look after themselves. Social Prescribing links patients with non-medical support to address people’s needs in a holistic way.


Website and Social Media info:

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Faceboook - @onsideadvocacy

Instagram - @onside_advocacy

Twitter - @onsideadvocacy

Website -

Facebook – @plusworcs

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Twitter - @plusworcs


General ONSIDE and PLUS Enquiries

Access Hub

Tel. 01905 27525


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