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Young at Heart


In 1982, a group of parents of children with Congenital Heart Disease, set up the Young at Heart Charity so that they could offer additional support to other heart families such as theirs so no one felt isolated and understood what families were going through.  All Trustees had something in common, a child with a poorly heart.  They provided a link for members to talk to.  

Young at Heart has provided many INR machines over the years to help alleviate the pressures upon heart children and their families for checking their blood levels when on Warfarin. We have also provided many defibrillators to families and also to Birmingham Children's Hospital so they can issue to families to keep at home. The Charity also keeps families updated with newsletters and supportive information along with a thriving social media support link. The annual Christmas Party is the main social event of the year for many families to have fun and interact with other heart families and many long-term friendships have been made over the years.

Please think of YAH for your next fundraising event and follow them on their social media pages below.

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