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Alena Morton PT

Introducing Alena Morton - Ladies only Personal trainer!

Alena has recently qualified as a PT after training herself through injury, pregnancy, divorce, menopause and life in general! 

If the gym environment is daunting to you, Alena solves that problem with her home studio where you'll enjoy the privacy of her 1-2-1 service for your entire session. 

Keen to hear more? Alena offers a free consultation to talk through your goals and explain how she can help. 

Drop her a message to today to enquire:

07857 755340 

A note from Alena - 'Busy life, work, family and everything in between - Us ladies need to prioritise time for our health and well being ❤️🏋🏼‍♀️ Get in touch today for a free consultation!'

Keywords: Ladies personal trainer, menopausal, injuries, ailments and illnesses! Empathy, compassionate, friendly! Private studio

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