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PMF Fitness

At PMF, we provide outdoors, group-based fitness sessions in the grounds of the glorious Chateau Impney Estate.

Our sessions are planned and run by ex-military instructors, who use their experience to give you a great workout every time! 

We offer group based HIIT, TABATA, circuits, weights, running, Tabbing/Yomping/Rucking, beep tests and many other types of sessions, all designed to be achievable. fun and challenging, whatever your fitness level. 


You don't need to have had any previous fitness or military experience to join in; we're open to everyone over 16 years old and who has a clear health declaration form.


And if you're looking for a unique gift, we also offer "fitness parties" with a military theme - great fun and a proper workout to get you ready for any celebrations!


How about some corporate fitness?  Our on-site fitness sessions, based at your company's location (subject to risk assessment) enable you to get fitter with your co-workers and help to develop their team spirit - and occasionally, competitiveness, all in familiar surroundings.


And if you're currently serving in the military, including reserves, or are a military veteran, you even get to train for free!


If it's great fun, group fitness sessions that you're looking for, then that's at the heart of what we do and look forward to welcoming you at the Impney Estate.



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Droitwich, UK

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