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Droitwich Spa Osteopaths LTD

Droitwich Spa Osteopaths will assess, diagnose and provide you with appropriate treatment on your very first visit.

Our methods are based on years of Osteopathic training and experience. 

In our Practice, we strive for excellence through high-quality patient care and satisfaction. We don’t just deal with bones or muscles, or backs and necks. In fact, Osteopathy covers a huge range of ailments throughout the whole body. It is a system of diagnosis and treatment primarily concerned with mechanical problems of the body, principally within the neuromusculoskeletal system, ligaments, tendons, joints, muscles, and nerves. 

In short, if it hurts when you move then it is likely that you will benefit from an osteopathic treatment. We provide high quality, evidence-based patient care.

Services & treatments:

Manual Therapy


Joint mobilisation and manipulation

Soft tissue massage


Electrotherapy (ultrasound/tens)

Taping techniques

Exercise / rehabilitation

Postural correction and advice

Lifestyle and mindfulness guidance

Fees and appointment info:

First Appointment

£60 - 45 minutes

Follow on treatment

£50 - 30 to 45 minutes

Gift Vouchers - We offer gift vouchers for those special occasions, Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries or 'just because' occasions.

Contact us today to learn more and book your first appointment!

01905 772458

3 King George Avenue, Droitwich, Worcestershire WR9 7BP

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