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Are you suffering from a feeling of fullness in the ear?  Have you noticed things sound muffled?  If so call us or book an appointment online. are part of the award-winning Imperial Hearing Group. We have five clinics in the Midlands, with a team of dedicated specialist Wax Removal technicians who are highly trained and experienced in the safe removal of a build-up of wax. Each and every member of our team is fully qualified and professional.

Service/price list

Ear wax removal via,

- Microsuction

- Irrigation

- Manual extraction

One ear - £50

Two ears - £80

We run clinics in: 

- Droitwich

- Great Barr

- Northfield

- Stourbridge

- Kings Norton’s Droitwich Clinic is based from Droitwich Health Centre, Ombersley Street. 

Phone number – 0800 422 0156

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