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Lee-Anne Brown

As a Self Mastery & Breathwork Coach, I empower professional Women aged 40+ to heal from childhood trauma and achieve internal alignment. 

My journey from a place of deep personal struggle to one of resilience and strength has fueled my passion for helping others navigate their own transformative paths.

Specialising in trauma-informed coaching, I guide women to reconnect with their true selves, establish healthy boundaries, and cultivate a life of self-love and empowerment. 

My approach integrates Breathwork, Somatic healing, Meditation, Polyvagal Theory, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Positive Psychology, creating a holistic framework for deep and lasting change.

My clients often describe me as inspirational and resilient, qualities that I bring into every coaching relationship to foster a safe and supportive environment. 

With a blend of compassion and practical tools, I support women in transforming their pain into power and living a life of internal harmony.

If you're a professional woman seeking to transform your life and achieve internal alignment, let's embark on this journey together.


  • One-to-One Coaching: Personalized sessions focused on your unique needs and goals, utilising breathwork, somatic healing, and positive psychology techniques.

  • Group Coaching Programs: Collaborative and supportive group settings designed to facilitate shared growth and healing... coming soon!

  • Online Courses: Flexible and accessible learning modules that you can complete at your own pace, covering topics from trauma recovery to meditation and self-empowerment... coming soon!

  • Meditation & Breathwork Sessions: Guided sessions to help you harness the power of your breath and mind for healing and personal growth... coming soon!

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Worcestershire, UK

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