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The Essence of our Senses

"The Essence of our Senses"  

Hi, I'm Jenny Known to many as 'Honest Jen,' the one that loves nature hearts, always taking photos of trees, moon sunsets and the sky...

and now also known as The person that created The Essence of our Senses!

A bit about me: 

I've worked for a quarter of a century in the caring childcare industry with an ethos of calm, mindfulness and nature moments with a love for the outdoors. I realised that what I provide for children, there is a need for adults

Self care • being in the moment • being present • time to relax • calmness 

I discovered sound baths and absolutely loved the experiences so with some time, investment and research, I decided to get trained as a sound meditation teacher and 'The Essence of our Senses' was created.  I've been blessed to deliver these offerings over lake side venues, an early years wellbeing conference and now on my own.

I find the perfect environment and absolutely love creating a self care calm evening with a sprinkle of sound music magic...

My vision for outdoor sound baths will be happening very soon, where you will also get the energy and magicalness from beautiful old oak trees, perfect for grounding and refocusing.   

I'm a firm believer that once you connect with your inner self, you connect with the outer self world and see the beauty of what mother nature offers us, so you can live life in a slower calmer beautiful pace of life...and master the way to cope in chaotic situations.  

What makes mine unique: 

My sound bath offerings are a calming, self rewarding, self care full-body listening experience that uses my spoken voice,  sound and time to nurture and nourish your mind, body and soul.  

● The experience begins with each person lying down or seated in a comfortable position on a mat, with a pillow, blanket and an eye mask.   

● After a few minutes of guided focus on the breath, guided visualisation, spoken meditation and affirmations to relax your body, I then move onto a beautiful calming experience of different sounds and frequencies.  

● I use therapeutic instruments including an ocean drum, gong, tibetan bowls, bells, crystal singing bowls, chimes and shakers.  

● When you sink into a Sound Bath and guide your awareness to your listening, you allow your brain waves to slow, shifting from a more active state to a more relaxed state, or even a dreamlike state.  

● The sounds introduced during a Sound Bath are an invitation into a deeper state drifting into a calm state, where you rest, be present, be in the moment, sometimes sleep.  

● I finish the session with some nature poetry and soft music for you to have time to bring your awareness back within the room and to move and sit up in your own time, feeling connected to yourself, energised but also extremely calm..  I create a safe scented space with a water feature softly trickling in the background..   

All these beautiful touches elevate every sense of your self-care needs.

Please follow me on social media to keep up to date with my upcoming sound baths and booking links and I hope to meet you at one of my events very soon.  

Mobile 07954 404975



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