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The Integrity Method Limited

Emotional Freedom Techniques Level 3 (Advanced Practitioner)

The Integrity Method Limited is a training company established in 2022 by Rebecca Daffeh, an experienced international therapist.

Through structured learning and continued group support, you can learn this cutting edge, laser targeted, mind body techniques to healing your client’s challenges and support them to reach their goals.

Following a holistic psychotherapy pathway you will be supported to run your own successful therapy business using techniques that bring together many year’s worth of study, client practice and personal experience. 

Incorporating psychology, holistic psychotherapy, neuroplasticity, epigenetics and energetics that shift outdated beliefs and challenging emotions.

Rebecca offers Training, Supervision and CPD, including:

Emotional Freedom Techniques Level 1

Emotional Freedom Techniques Level 2 (Practitioner Status) 

The Integrity Method Level 1

The Integrity Method Level 2 (Practitioner Status)

The Integrity Method Level 3 (Advanced Practitioner)

Monthly Masterclasses

Monthly Supervision

Please contact Rebecca for more info:


and follow her on social media to learn more: 




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Worcestershire, UK

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