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Worcestershire Permanent Make Up

BRAND NEW in 2024...

Introducing Worcestershire Permanent Make Up!

We are a home based clinic dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty. 

What is Permanent make - up? 

Permanent make-up is a form of cosmetic tattooing which will allow you to have long-lasting make-up like eyebrows, eyeliner and lip colour. 

PMU implants the chosen pigment beneath the surface of the skin creating your new brows, lips or eyeliner, much like a tattoo.  However, the particles in PMU colours are much finer than the typical tattoo, due to this pigments over time will fade.  

Having a wide selection of colours and PMU techniques allows me to create more natural looks to enhance your natural beauty.  

Treatments last between 18 months & 3 years depending on your skin type.  Regular yearly top ups are great to keep your new make up look fresh!

Services we offer include: 

Tailored Brow Treatment

Tailored Lip Treatment

Tailored Eye Liner Treatment

We pride ourselves on creating a personalised look tailored to each individual to enhance the beautiful features you already have.

Whether you're looking for a bold or natural look, we'll match your skin tone and colouring to create the perfect result. 

When you visit our clinic you'll not only receive 5* treatments, but also leave feeling incredible. 

Message us via Instagram today to book in.

Instagram: @worcestershirepmu

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