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All About Antenatal Worcestershire

Are you pregnant and looking for an independent antenatal course that is an alternative to the traditional NCT or NHS courses? Then look no further!

Hi, I’m Angie! A mum of 2 little ones and an independent antenatal teacher offering a fun and impartial antenatal course to expectant parents in Bromsgrove and the surrounding areas.

Being pregnant and becoming a parent, especially for the first time can be so nerve racking because there are so many unknowns. I can help prepare you and your birth partner feel confident with the process of birth, understand your options and know the types of questions to ask to make informed decisions about your birth, when writing your birth preferences and to help your birth partner advocate for you (since they are equally important). 

This will make you feel empowered and positive about your birth experience, whichever path it takes. 

But that is only half of the course! 

The rest of the course will help you transition to your new roles as parents looking at newborn appearance, postpartum recovery, midwife visits, car seat safety, safe sleep advice, relationship changes, ALL infant feeding options, practical baby care sessions and mini first aid. And once the course has finished, I will still be there to support and champion you as you embark on your journey to parenthood. 

It is such a privilege supporting pregnant couples in this way: we have a group WhatsApp chat, a reunion 6 weeks after the birth of the last baby and of course you can contact me any time. You may also see me on the postnatal ward of Worcester Royal Hospital, as I am also a breastfeeding support peer volunteer!

The All About Antenatal course won not one, but two awards in the Project Baby Awards 2022, winning gold for maternity services and bronze for family services and I am excited to be able to bring this award winning, FEDANT accredited course to pregnant couples in Bromsgrove and the surrounding areas.

7 face to face sessions, in Bromsgrove £240.

Sessions run on weekday evenings 7.30 – 9.30pm

For more information on what is covered in each session or to book, please visit

Any further questions, please contact me on

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FEDANT National Register Number: 13580


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