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Glowing Mamma

At Glowing Mamma, we empower new mums to navigate the world of exercise in pregnancy and postnatally, through our expert midwife- led fitness and relaxation classes. 

All our instructors are both experienced, local midwives and specialist antenatal and postnatal fitness instructors; meaning you and your baby in the safest possible hands. 

We offer classes in a number of locations in Worcestershire, including Worcester, Droitwich, Bromsgrove and Redditch, with view to increase our offering to include Gloucester, Hagley, Studley and Hartlebury by the end of 2024.

We provide:

- Antenatal fitness and relaxation classes

- Postnatal fitness and relaxation classes

- Postnatal pelvic floor and core programme

- Women- only classes

- Online 1-2-1 coaching

- Online antenatal programme

- Online postnatal programme

Please head to our website for further information and to book, or contact Rosie on the details below:

07359547639 (Monday- Friday 9-2.30)

and follow us on social media: 



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Worcestershire, UK

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