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Treasure Talk

Treasure Talk is a consultancy dedicated to supporting and empowering early years settings, schools, and families in their educational journey. 

With over 30 years of combined experience in the field of education, our co-founders Monica and Debbie bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our services.

As passionate advocates for sustainability, we strive to incorporate quality, preloved, and eco-friendly resources whenever possible. 

Our tailored and specialist support encompasses a wide range of areas, including early years, leadership, parent partnership, communication and language development (including SEND), practitioner training, and staff development. 

Additionally, we offer bespoke story bags, environmental audits, and engaging parental workshops.

At Treasure Talk, our aim is to create partnerships based on trust, allowing children to embrace their curiosity and experience countless moments of awe and wonder. 

Join us on an enriching exploration of learning, focussed on language development and sustainability as we nurture our youngest children.

We are proud to be an approved training provider for Worcestershire SkillsBoost Programme.

Our current supported play sessions are on Monday mornings.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Debbie - 07880561144

Monica - 07757635965

and follow us to learn more:



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Worcestershire, UK

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