Local & Loyal

'Saving you money and helping to save communities. We are on a mission to encourage local communities to shop more at local businesses.'

Small businesses across the UK need your help. These businesses contributed more than half of all turnover generated by the private sector in 2018, if they suffer, we all suffer.

We will drive footfall to local independent businesses, boosting your local economy

We will increase customer loyalty delivering a better quality shopping experience

We will help to bring communities together and make them stronger

We will support your local grassroots sports communities with monthly donations

We will help local communities to save money wherever they shop local, delivering a big return on a small investment

We will help make it better to live where you live

Local and Loyal are a fantastic company who are passionate about encouraging you to SHOP LOCAL.

Having recently created a brand new app, they already have over 150 local businesses on board.

If you're a business within Worcestershire or Gloucestershire, its free to sign up and you can join a great community of local businesses.

It's just £20 to join the app and enjoy the discounts from all of these fantastic businesses!

Instagram - localandloyaluk

Facebook - Local & Loyal


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