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Ruth Godfrey Solicitor

Ruth Godfrey Solicitor (Partner of Mezzle Law)

Ruth provides vital litigation support and advice to individuals and businesses across Droitwich, Bromsgrove, Worcester and beyond. 

As a self-employed consultant partner of Mezzle Law she can offer clients the best of both worlds in providing a local, friendly and accessible service but with the background support of a larger organisation.

Ruth has been lucky enough to have obtained vast experience in dispute resolution, property and rural matters having previously worked with national governing bodies, private individuals, professionals, business owners, World Class athletes, land and animal owners on a variety of matters. 

Ruth has assisted with Anti-Doping hearings at Sport Resolutions UK in London and a variety of other disciplinary tribunal matters and selection disputes within the Sports Law sector.

Other key matters she has had the pleasure of dealing with are:

  • Property disputes

  • Rural and equestrian matters

  • Post Office historic shortfall claims

  • Multi-million-pound pension claims

  • Possession matters

  • Inheritance Act claims

  • Acting on behalf of developers and management companies in respect of disrepair claims and construction disputes

  • Ownership disputes concerning agricultural land,

  • Partnership disputes

  • Adverse Possession and Land Tribunal matters

  • Boundary disputes

  • Debt recovery matters

Ruth went self-employed to support a work life balance with her young children after heading up litigation teams at regional and top 100 city law firms. Ruth can now offer that wealth of experience from working at prestigious firms in her own legal consultancy role as supported by the regulated firm, Mezzle Law, and does do without the large firm prices!

Key areas for business and individuals:

  • Property Litigation

  • Agricultural Property disputes

  • Equine Disputes

  • Debt recovery

  • Contentious Probate

  • Contract Disputes

  • Consumer Rights

  • Professional Negligence


Ruth can offer a retainer service for companies that do not wish to incur the costs of in-house legal personal or credit control team but would benefit from this. For a set monthly fee, you can have the following support when you need it to include:

  1. General ad hoc telephone and email advice

  2. Tailored letters for low value matters as required

  3. For debt recovery matters – initial pre-action correspondence

Most often, individuals and companies won’t need to utilise Ruth’s services until there is a specific issue that needs addressing. If you need advice or guidance on a specific issue or just how you should approach of potential problem, you can utilise an ad hoc service once set up as a client. You pay only for the time you need with Ruth but it’s generally offer it on an hour by hour basis. This can be a meeting with Ruth to discuss a matter, remote meeting, review of documents, drafting correspondence on your behalf etc.

If you’d like more information or to enquire about Ruth’s services, please contact her on 07841704865 (WhatsApp and Text accepted) or email her on

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Worcestershire, UK

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