Droitwich Grave Tending

Personal touch, professional grave care and maintenance.
Tending to the resting places of loved one's in Cemeteries and Churchyards in Droitwich and surrounding areas.
At Droitwich Grave Tending Services we give you the peace of mind that the resting place of your family or friends is cared for like it is one of own, professionally, respectfully.

So why Grave Tending?

Back in the 60’&70’s my family were in the funeral industry.
My dad worked at Worcester Crematorium as a grave digger (by hand) and groundskeeper.
My second cousin runs a memorial and stonemasons business.
I’ve always been interested in the funeral industry and related industries, so maintaining graves and going to beautiful churches and different graveyards is very rewarding and relaxing.

Get in touch with Dave today for an informal chat and to get a quote.

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